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With a more laid-back ambience, the site is especially good for amateur clients who are just starting to get in touch with their religious sides. A unique 55 card oracle deck + guidebook featuring sacred symbols providing a reminder of our inner wisdom, imagination and intuition. Single rune casting for a more distinctive interpretation on your query on a decision of classes. You can even are looking to cleanse your Angel Oracle Cards as you’re inspired to do, before every reading, in the event you get the sense that they are delivery to feel a bit stagnant, or in case your readings become lower than accurate. Alana channels loads of curative modalities in sacred connection with you. Your own divine self pulls to it what is needed, be that religious suggestions, lively curative through prayer or sound, or even a spontaneously channelled curative meditation. Allow our gifted readers to talk for you and be your voice and ears to any other side. Private readings are $65. 00 an hour per person or $35. 00 for a half hour. Whether you have got studied his poetry for years or are drawn to him only now, this oracle deck will support and illuminate your connection with this captivating and powerful soul who loves you with fierce passion. Now tarot card readers may be very insightful and their solutions could be quite close to those you possibly can get by a clairvoyant reader, at times much more exact, since cards are just as restricted as their reader.