why do psychics get the timing wrong

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Force Field (Su): As a swift action , you can spend 1 point from your phrenic pool to activate a force field of raw psychic energy that adds you with a couple of brief hit points equal to 5 + your psychic level (maximum 10 transient hit points ). If you spend 2 points from your phrenic pool, the force field adds a number of transient hit points equal to 10 + your psychic level (greatest 20 transient hit points ). The force field lasts for a few minutes equal on your psychic level. If you spend 3 points out of your phrenic pool, the force field lasts for twice as long, and it provides fast healing 2. Once the transient hit points are depleted, the force field disappears and also you cannot reinstate it for 24 hours. You must be at least 3rd level to choose this discovery. There are 24 rune stones that are laid out in a spread to answer your most intimate questions concerning your life. Usually a rune reading is finished from 3 runes from time to time called a Norns spread. The first rune issues your past, the second one depicts the existing and the third is your future. Each rune stone has its own which means. Each letter is carved into the stone. The stones can be made from plenty of materials equivalent to ceramic, stone, jade, gold, ice or even wood.
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