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When you cast the runes, it is not fortune-telling. The idea behind the style that runes work is that, as you ask a question or focus on an argument, your conscious and unconscious minds are concentrated. When the runes are cast in front of you, they are not completely random, but are selections which have been made by your unconscious. As a numerologist and committed user of oracle cards, it was only natural to mix my two favourite self-help tools for self empowerment and guidance, to create this deck of cards. By using two of the most historic and powerful forms of divination in combination, side by side, which you could obtain additional information and perception during your time of need. In the English-communicating world, the word ‘tarot’ is most frequently associated with the occult and divination. Learn more about Psychic Love Readings. Many psychics see a myriad of problems cropping up for Cameron and Benji as time goes on. In fact, Diaz’s stars show her as a stubborn individual that is unlikely to change her behavior. As a result, she is an incredibly independent woman, that could push Benji away across the courting. She has proven that she is definitely okay being single and never having a man by her side. This perspective may lead to Benji getting annoyed because he finally ends up feeling unwanted or needed.