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I’m Hungarian, and I know our runic alphabet, but I do not know the ‘psychic’ meaning behind each of our runes, only behind the Viking ones and I have not been capable of finding it either. Nostradamus is the Latinized name of a sixteenth-century French prophet named Michel de Notredame. Since his death in 1566, students and lay people have remained interested in Nostradamus’s forecasts, in which many future events seem to have been uncannily divined. The French Revolution, the rise of fascism in 1930s Europe, and the explosion of a U. S. space trip were supposedly prophesied by the Renaissance scholar. ” Burlington Magazine 124 (November 1982), p. 705, states that the controversy surrounding the “Fortune Teller” seems to have been “completely settled” in favor of the image, by the invention of a connection with it in a list of 1879, the technical proof offered by the museum authorities, and the presentation of the picture next to the “Cheat with the Ace of Clubs” at the Grand Palais, which “proved beyond doubt that the 2 images are by an analogous hand”. As you close your eyes in the actual human world,” James says, you remove darkness from the interior world. ” As a unique bonus, James has included audio versions of the exclusive meditations he featured in the course. You can down load these and practice them every time, anywhere, to tap into your inner wisdom and attach with the spirit realm. “Warm”, or “hot”, studying concepts involve getting the answers straight from the audience’s mouths.