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Queued readings cost £1 per minute. I always want to give my best to my consumers, so I have spent a large number of time and care refining my psychic medium skills. Tarot cards have a long story and a brief one. The long one begins in 15th century Europe, where the 78 card deck—four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles) of 10 pip”cards running from Ace to ten, each with a further four face”cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Jack) plus 21 Trump cards known as the Major Arcana, plus the Fool—form the classic tarot deck. Without the Major Arcana, the cards of Tarot are approximately aligned with a conventional gambling card deck, which has its roots in France a few hundred years earlier. By the 15th century, tarot cards were regularly occurring for widely wide-spread trick-taking games together with French Tarot (which continues to be widely played) and the Italian game tarochini.