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p. 8With this heritage in mind, I now want to summarize three alternative approaches to spirituality. First, there are religious spiritualities. Then there’s the ambiguous class of esoteric spiritualities. Finally there is an more and more crucial spectrum of secular understandings of spirituality. References to a lot of these spiritualities may be built further across the book. ^ Boer de R. & Bierman, D. J. (2006). “The roots of paranormal belief: Divergent institutions or real paranormal reports?” Proceedings of the PA 2006 Convention, 283-298. I began dabbling in Tarot in my early 20’s. This became my 2nd gift and enabling me to be here today to help people like your self. It took me weeks later to validate what came about to me after getting published from my neurosurgeon. Once you’ve got had a broom with death and it influences your brain and already having the skill to be psychic, I now was given the gift of also speaking with your family who’ve crossed over and to give you messages from them to come up with closure of losing that particular family member. I have the gift of seeing and listening to spirits which helps me to enable you to. This is why now I can offer you my gift of being both a psychic medium which let you with both my gifts. 1.