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NOSTRADAMUS made many prophechies, a few of that have come true since he made them. But I trust that his birth date, death date, and where he lived, all are parts of an alternate prophecy. He was born in the 12th month. That means that a year ending in 12 is important. He died on July 2 (numerically 7-2. So a year ending in 72 is vital. Bartholomew’s Day Event , so her request for horoscopes could have been for explanation as much as for prediction. By 1560 her husband was dead, his successor (her first son) was dead, and her second son Charles IX became king under her domination. Call, chat, and email. These are all fairly typical, however some sites offer things like video chat to boot. Moved by the Spirit, the Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA) is a concrete reaction and contribution to the demanding situations of Asian faiths, cultures and traditions to build a world where there is fullness of life. ISA commits to the search and analysis of lived spirituality that is dynamic, transformative and releasing that results in inter-faith discussion and collaborations.