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I am Clairaudient meaning Clear-Hearing” so I can hear them communicating to me in my thoughts, telepathically; I will hear names, names of places, nicknames and other words. Some spirits will quite actually speak to me and have a conversation. I am very strongly Clairsentient, which means I can sense or feel their feelings; pains or accidents they had while in the physical body; I can also sense their personalities, for examples, if they had a pretty good sense of humor, were very serious and stern, depressed etc. I am also Clairambient, that means sometimes, they will galvanize on to me a distinctive smell that might have been symbolic of them. I also am a Remote Viewer, that means that I can psychically tune in” to a person or a spot, elsewhere on the actual plane and spot what is going on. As a Medical Intuitive, I also obtain Health & Wellness information in Readings concerning the actual body. Under all functional applications the tarot was never institutionalized or had an expert structure. The deck is and was used frequently for enjoyment applications, therefore making any type of following difficult to track. The most common people linked to tarot cards are often gypsies that read the cards for people who wish to know their future or end result of a particular event. They taught each generation how to read the cards, but ultimately even that oral culture became unnecessary. Books could and still are available explaining how to use a tarot deck and thus possibly increasing its recognition. The tarot deck was mainly seen as a source of entertainment and played by a great many especially after the invention of movable type, not as a circulation or as an institution.
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