what’s lead poison

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Many of us who know Barb. have obtained a reading from her at the Little Light or Mind Body Spirit expo’s and know of her experience and also you would have loved how she gifts those messages from spirit. Buddhism derives in some respects from Hinduism but is fundamentally a variety of traditions according to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who lived in north India between the mid 6th and mid 5th centuries BCE. Siddhartha renounced his filthy rich historical past in the hunt for deeper fulfilment and at last became referred to as the ‘Buddha’ or ‘enlightened one’. His teachings were meant as a recipe for all sentient beings to be free of soreness, to flee the cycle of rebirth and to achieve enlightenment (nirvana). There are two main branches of Buddhism. They are suitable for everybody as the message is given on the card specific. What we see around us depends upon what we seek in life. The Spanish conquerors took irreplaceable items of art from the craftsmen of the New World and melted them down into gold bullion. The enemies of the young prophet, Joseph Smith, hounded him to get ownership of the golden plates from which he was to translate the Book of Mormon. They sought the golden plates to get money, not a message. The temporal value of the plates had a cost; their religious value was precious.
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